Term Life Insurance – SBA Super Close

Term life insurance expedited with SBA Superclose

SBA Super Close – Binding Required Term Life Insurance Features

With SBA Super Close, you are not limiting yourself to one insurance company or provider which allows for competitive rates.  Costs are not increased for either the lender or the borrower other than premiums paid and your policy can or cannot be simplified issue depending on the insurance company and product.  Policies are not guaranteed issue or guaranteed to issue and there is no minimum or maximum size.

Required Binding Term Life Insurance

Expedite your Loans with SBA Super Close

Required Binding Term Life Insurance is made simple and efficient with SBA Super Close.  Policies can be effective within 72 hours, saving you time and allowing for funds to be released sooner.  Talk to an adviser today at Himmelstein Financial and get on the fast track.  Do you have clients that have gotten rated highly in the past and did not proceed with the policy?  We can be of assistance, please reach out and let us help.